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Unleash your router, Install DD-WRT Firmware on a router

Unleash your router, Install DD-WRT Firmware on a router

What Is DD-WRT? DD-WRT is a Linux-based firmware for wireless routers and wireless access points. It is compatible with several models of routers and access points. If your router's default firmware is causing problems like losing connection, dropping packages, slowing down the Internet speed, you can unlock your router's potential to broadcast a stronger signal, manage network traffic, remotely access all your home computers, and a whole lot more.

Is your router supported?

Not all routers are built or designed the same way. Please check the router database on DD-WRT's official website first.


You can also check the wiki page for all supported devices.

Changing your router's firmware can result in unintentional consequences, such as "bricking." To avoid bricking your router, please check the router database first. You will then want to follow what is written for your particular device.

Downloading Your DD-WRT Firmware

Download the latest stable release from the DD-WRT Downloads page. It can be found from the router database. Ensure you are using the correct version of the firmware for your router.


Start with the router database page, you'll find links to DD-WRT Wiki pages for your DD-WRT friendly router. The DD-WRT Wiki page will have the router's hardware specifications and installation instructions. Most importantly, the wiki page provides information such as how to recovery your router if you have bricked it. You should take a minute to read the "Current Known Issues and Bugs".


Some router couldn't be fixed in some way, so the most important thing in installing DD-WRT firmware is research.

From the DD-WRT Wiki page, You'll find a complete installation instruction process for specific models/revisions, as well as the recovery procedure. You can also learn how to restore factory default settings, how to select the dd-wrt firmware, how to flash the firmware to the router, how to clear the NVRAM, how to "Upgrade" to the dd-wrt firmware to the latest version from the wiki page.

Installation Instructions

Almost all router use the following steps for installation:

  • Restore Factory Default settings by using 30/30/30 procedure (Clear NVRAM)
  • Install the INITIAL version (* For some router like Asus RT-N16. ) of DD-WRT (file name ends in .trx)
  • Restore Factory Default settingss (Clear NVRAM)
  • "Upgrade" to your final version of DD-WRT (file name ends in .trx or .bin)
  • Restore Factory Default settings (Clear NVRAM)

If you are the first time flashing DD-WRT firmware, always follow the installation instruction from the DD-WRT Wiki page for your router.

After your uploaded the firmware into your router, wait patiently. Log in to your router after couple minutes of waiting. DD-WRT's default IP address is, the username is "root", and the password is "admin".

Greet your brand new DD-WRT router.

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